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While all organisations are experiencing the impact of the digital revolution, the financial services industry – with its stringent compliance requirements and volatile economic forces – is feeling it more than most. Banks and financial institutions need to grow their revenues and increase profitability wherever possible, and the only way to do that is to find ways of attracting new customers, safeguarding existing relationships and delivering new products and services which speak directly to current and future customer needs.

All of this against a competitive backdrop of new market entrants who are using the latest digital advancements to offer banking, investment and insurance products which are easier to access and manage than ever before.

In an industry where change is the only constant, larger financial services organisations need agility and data-driven insight to anticipate and respond to challenger brands. Challenger brands and newer market entrants need the scalability and flexibility to spin up new products and features, tap into new demographics and grow the business and brand in record time.

In short, a digitally-enabled operating model provides opportunities for all.

Financial services

Addressing market challenges head on

To not just survive, but indeed thrive, in such an environment requires a forward-thinking approach which embraces technology as a key enabler of your transformation journey.

Cost containment, customer loyalty, and increasing revenue and shareholder returns are common drivers for any financial services organisation. Technology is crucial, both as a means of alleviating challenges and maximising opportunities. Infradata’s consultative approach and industry expertise can help you to build a robust, secure and scalable technology infrastructure, regardless of whether you are an established brand or an emerging player.

Unrivalled expertise in Financial Services markets

We are leading the way in cloud networking and security solutions for fintechs, financial service companies and banks of any scale. 

  • Insurance companies
  • Commerical and investment banking
  • Stock Markets
  • Fintech companies
  • Payment Service Providers

About Infradata

Infradata is an award-winning independent provider of state-of-the-art cyber security and cloud networking solutions and services. We enable customers to drive innovation and value with best-of-breed solutions. Infradata creates the foundation for a secure and thriving digital economy and digital society.

Infradata refines networking and security solutions to meet your business needs.
Since 2005, we focus on networks and security for global enterprises, telecommunications operators and service providers. We combine technologies, processes and the best human expertise to create next generation services and solutions. Our service quality and operational excellence results in the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

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Bank J. Van Breda & Co.

KBC Bank

Crédit Agricole

Banque de France

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